B-Line Festival Bars PAAM Event Staff Software App

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

B-Line Festival Bars logo

B-Line Festival Bars supplies and manages festival bars to many of the UK's leading music festivals including Download Festival, Wireless Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival and Glasgow Summer Sessions. B-Line Festival Bars offers a bespoke solution to festivals and events including bar design, construction, staffing, cash and card management, wholesale supply, sponsorship activation and management. Each year B-Line Festival Bars recruits hundreds of staff to manage their festival bars across the UK.

Hotbox Studios' PAAM Offsite Software App is now helping B-Line Festival Bars by providing:

  • A cloud-based staff recruitment and management system.
  • Event planning including system exports.
  • Pre-event shift selection and allocation.
  • Integrated SMS messaging.
  • Easy uploading of event information.
  • Simplified event staff processing.
  • Grouping of staff roles.
  • Fast one-click database searches.
  • Integrated customisable email messaging.
  • Customisable system branding.
  • Staff performance tracking.

B-Line Festival Bars is also using Hotbox Studios' PAAM Onsite App. The PAAM Onsite App is a standalone software application that completely removes the requirement for spreadsheets when managing staff at an event! Before arriving at an event all event data can be imported from the PAAM Offsite App to the PAAM Onsite App, staff can then be checked-in to the event, have shifts allocated, hours, performance, and resources tracked, all using a single application!

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