Aegis the Union website Umbraco CMS and Learn updates

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Aegis the Union website Umbraco CMS and Learn updates

We've been working with Aegis the Union; Aegis was initially formed as a staff association in 1971 and grew to a trade union which gained independent status in 2008. Aegis focus is on workers' rights in the Finance Industry.

We've been working closely with Aegis to update the Aegis website, Content Management System (CMS), and union members' area we designed for Aegis in 2013.

We've updated the Union Learn England, Scotland and Ireland areas on the Aegis website to allow the Union Learn teams to add and customise brand and contact details on the main Union Learn pages with a new call to action widget.

As part of our ongoing client management and support we keep a close eye on the security of all of our client's websites and Content Management Systems. Recently a security hole was identified and fixed in the Umbraco CMS that powers websites across the globe including Microsoft, Peugeot, WIRED, Costa, Heinz, VOGUE and Aegis the Union! We've worked with Aegis to implement the security fix; meaning the Aegis website will continue to run smoothly and securely.

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