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The MusicPlus Digital (MPD) website is an online First Access programme designed to teach Key Stage 2 ukulele lessons to classes of students. The website offers students and teachers a full year of ukulele tuition incorporating key music skills and national curriculum outcomes.

By the end of the year most children will have achieved:

  • Being able to play at least four chords on the ukulele.
  • Performing on the ukulele with confidence whilst singing.
  • Interpreting and playing basic notation.
  • Playing melodies using TAB notation.
  • Devising basic compositions using rhythmic notation and chords.

For MusicPlus Digital we worked closely with Wash Media to design a website that promotes the MusicPlus Digital teaching product.

When designing the website we used Responsive Website Design (RWD) which allows the website to be delivered predictable to schools irrespective of browser or device. The website uses HTML5 Video, a full page scrolling design and a news area powered by WordPress which allows for a quick and easy way to login and add new news articles.

We also developed a custom cloud based software application for MusicPlus Digital to work with the website. The cloud app allows for management of the ukulele lessons integrating HTML5 Video and Adobe Edge Animate powered animations.

The lessons take advantage of Amazon's Cloudfront CDN for video delivery and scalability.

  • Wash Media MusicPlus Digital - Page 001 Intro and play music page
  • Wash Media MusicPlus Digital - Page 002 About MusicPlus Digital
  • Wash Media MusicPlus Digital - Page 003 How MusicPlus Digital is used
  • Wash Media MusicPlus Digital - Page 004 The MusicPlus Digital learning outcomes
  • Wash Media MusicPlus Digital - Page 005 MusicPlus Digital news
  • Wash Media MusicPlus Digital - Page 006 MusicPlus Digital contact page

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