Wayne McGregor | Random Dance Light Atlas Animation for Dance Performance

Hotbox Studios worked in collaboration with Wayne McGregor | Random Dance in producing 3D animation and visual effects for Light Atlas.

Light Atlas is a Youth Dance Project, a joint initiative between Trinity Laban Conservatorie of Music and Dance and Greenwich Dance Agency. The Light Atlas project brings together 50 pupils aged 14 to 18 from Lewisham and Greenwich, working with Wayne McGregor | Random Dance to create two spectacular performances performing at Trinity Laban Conservatorie of Music and Dance, Creekside (London, UK).

Wayne McGregor | Random Dance describes the Light Atlas project as: live dance with filmic 3D animation, all set to a hard-core score propelling the imagination into a fresh dimension. Alien universes collide with real physical power in this futuristic expedition to find the lost Light Atlas; the map of the real tomorrow.

Collaborating on Light Atlas were Wayne McGregor (Concept, Direction and Choreography), Laila Diallo, Fred Gehrig, Freddie Opoku-Addaie, Hilary Stainsby, Matthias Sperling (Creative Team), Chris Charles (Production Manager), Jasmine Fitter (Project Manager), Mark Hatchard (Animation, Visual Effects and Editing), Seth Dubieniec (Animation and Visual Effects), Tessa Mapp (Animation and Visual Effects), Duncan Price (Animation and Visual Effects).

We work closely with artists, directors and choreographers producing animation and visual effects for the fine arts and performing arts.

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