Hampshire Web Hosting

Hotbox Studios provides fast, highly secure and reliable web hosting for websites, web applications and databases. If you would like further information and to discuss your web hosting requirements please contact us

The Hotbox Studios web hosting environment which we provide for our client's websites, databases and web applications is based on state of the art cloud architecture.

We use hardware and software solutions from leading vendors such as DellCisco and Microsoft to provide standards based platform compatibility.

Our dedicated Servers, Switches, and Internet Facing Firewalls, operate in a mirrored failover configuration providing multitier redundancy.

Our web hosting systems are hosted within a UK data centre which has been specified to the UK Data Centre Uptime Institute and EU Code on Conduct specifications for Tier 3 resiliency; offering premium levels of availability and security.

Client connections run entirely over SSL meaning they are always safe even via a public Wi-Fi spot.

Due to the sensitive nature of our client and user data we have a policy of no third party VPN or FTP access to our web or database servers.

What this means for you are no issues with hardware, performance or resilience. The websites, web applications and databases we host are fast, reliable and secure.


Hampshire Web Hosting Data Centre


Physical Security is provided at data centre by:

  • 24/7 security guards
  • Dog patrols
  • High strength automatic roller shutters
  • Redcare GSM system security monitoring
  • Full access control with remotely monitored and logged PAC cards
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Monitoring and response


Uninterrupted Power Supply at our data centre includes 1.5 mVA site power, an independent HV substation, 3.6kW 16 amps per rack as standard, N+1 UPS feeds to each rack as standard, N+1 diesel standby generators with 24 hours of on-site fuel and 6 hour response refuelling, 5 x 500kVA standby power generators in secure compound; bio-fuel powered with separate feeds to transfer switches.


Network Connectivity at our data centre includes multiple gigabit connections to London Telehouse East and Telehouse North, diverse and multiple fibre entry points for increased reliability, redundancy and disaster recovery, selected fibre network providers and Tier 1 ISPs operating full BGP4+ for maximum network reach, traffic balancing and automatic rerouting.

Our data centre is also a member of the London Internet Exchange (LINX), and offers multi-gigabit redundant IP Transit connectivity.


Cooling is provided by 16 x 90kW redundant N+1 configuration Stulz Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) down flow units, 3 x 500kW high efficiency water chillers and DX units each with dual independent compressor circuits, redundant water pumps and regulators in an N+1 configuration.

The data centre is setup with a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration, designed for 21° Celsius +/- 3°C and relative humidity controlled at 50% +/- 10%, and Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) is optimised commensurate with server population.

Hotbox Studios Hampshire Web Hosting Benefits

You may have seen cheaper 'shared web hosting' packages advertised although we always strongly advise against using shared web hosting packages.

What shared web hosting means is that your website or app is located on a basic server - often with little or no security - shared with hundreds if not thousands of other websites. You will have no way of knowing who these other websites belong to or how much of a strain they are putting on the shared server.

You will have limited options as far as how the server is setup; shared web hosting servers are usually setup to allow the server to accommodate as many websites as possible. This we've seen cause all sorts of problems including websites not updating when changes are made.

To sum up, using a cheap shared web hosting package often results in problems with speed and performance, concurrency, reliability and security.

Our web hosting packages - which we believe are exceptional value for money - are broken down below.

If you would like any further information about the benefits of Hotbox Studios' dedicated and secure server environment, please contact us

Website Keyword Ranking and Traffic Reporting

With all of our web hosting packages we offer advanced keyword tracking and website traffic reporting at no additional cost. Online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) firms usually charge a minimum of £50.00 per month for this level of reporting - for as long as your website is hosted with us you receive the reports free of charge!

Our reporting software tracks a wealth of data about your website and the traffic hitting your website. We present this in easy to read and analyse PDF reports; emailed to you on either a weekly or monthly basis.


One of the most popular features of our reporting software is its ability to track the position of your website for specific keywords in search engines; showing current position; change; search volume, monthly visits and more. This data can prove invaluable if the position of your website in search results is a key part of your online marketing; allowing you to focus your SEO and analyse the results.

Additionally, our tracking software can connect to external systems such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords; pulling in data and presenting this within your keyword tracking reports.

If you would like any further information about Hotbox Studios' website keyword ranking and traffic reporting, please contact us


Fastest independently tested website DNS

Hotbox Studios uses advanced Dynamic Name Servers (DNS) to make sure that our client websites and web applications are presented as quickly as possible. Combined with Hotbox Studios' web hosting our DNS mean websites and apps hosted with Hotbox Studios are always fast to load and navigate.

Hotbox Studios' DNS are located on internet backbones; supplied by the largest and most reliable data providers in the business; employing A core IP Anycast routed DNS architecture built with Juniper Networks equipment.

Hotbox Studios' DNS offer:

  • Internet Backbone DNS
  • IP Anycast routing providing the highest quality network
  • Fully redundant with no single point of failure
  • 100% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Global DNS Network
  • Fastest DNS Speeds available (independently tested)

If you would like any further information about the benefits of Hotbox Studios' DNS, please contact us.

Email for websites, cloud apps and online marketing

As many of our clients use their websites and web applications to send out emails to users and clients we've spent the time to make sure that when emails are sent they get to their intended recipients.

Our website and app mailing services offer:

  • Fully configured Message Transfer Agent (MTA) on each of our web servers
  • Reverse DNS
  • SPF records for all client domains

If you would like any further information about the benefits of Hotbox Studios' web hosting email services, please contact us


Web Hosting Hampshire Hosting Space and Fees

Hosting LevelHosting SpaceData TransferIMAP EmailMonthly Fee
Level 25 25MB Unlimited Details £10.00
Level 100 100MB Unlimited Details £20.00
Level 250 250MB Unlimited Details £30.00
Level 500 500MB Unlimited Details £40.00
Level 1000 1GB Unlimited Details £50.00
Level 2000 2GB Unlimited Details £75.00

All web hosting monthly fees are ex VAT.

Website Domain Registration and Transfer

DomainMinimum registration periodAnnual Fee
.co.uk 1 year £12.50
.org.uk 1 year £12.50
.com 1 year £17.50
.net 1 year £20.00
.org 1 year £20.00
.eu 1 year £17.50
Other 1 year Please contact us

All domain registration and transfer fees are ex VAT.

If a domain is being transferred the transfer fee also covers the first year's registration fee.

Registering a domain name with Hotbox Studios guarantees your ownership of that domain indefinitely. The domain is registered in your name with Nominet; Hotbox Studios administers the domain on your behalf although all ownership is in your name. If for any reason you decide to transfer the domain there are no additional charges imposed by Hotbox Studios.

Dedicated IP Address and SSL Certificate

We highly recommend you add an SSL and Dedicated IP Address (required for an SSL) to your website.

Without one, your website will be marked as non-secure in Google Chrome. Over 70% of people browse the web using Google Chrome.

The reason your website will be marked as non-secure is that Google marks any website without an SSL that accepts a login and password, as non-secure. As every modern website has a Content Management System (CMS), any modern website without an SSL will be marked as non-secure.

Your website being marked as non-secure will impact your online presence.

We’ve also found that adding an SSL and dedicated IP improves a website’s online presence e.g. improves search engine keyword results as Google prefers websites with SSLs and unique IP addresses.

Therefore, if you don’t already have one setup; we strongly advise that you add an SSL and dedicated IP address to your website.

Akismet Filtering

Akismet Filtering offers protection against unwanted comments on your product listings, news posts, blog posts and more. Akismet is free for non-commercial use, any commercial website that requires Akismet must pay for the service.

You can subscribe direct, or we can provide the service at a discounted rate.

Typekit Web Fonts

If during the design of your website you decide on a typeface that is not available for free, we will need to charge for the use of the service to enable the font/s to be embedded in your website.

The free Typekit font library is limited to 230 fonts, the full library includes all 2,450 fonts.

You can subscribe direct, or we can provide the service at a discounted rate.

Web ServiceMinimum registration periodMonthly Fee
SSL 1 year £5.00
Dedicated IP Address 1 year £5.00
Akismet Filtering 1 year £2.50
Typekit Web Fonts 1 year £2.00

All Web Service fees are ex VAT.