Studio Wayne McGregor Light Atlas Arts Animation

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Studio Wayne McGregor Light Atlas Arts Animation

Hotbox Studios have began the production of animation and visual effects on Studio Wayne McGregor's Light Atlas.

The performance is a joint initiative between Laban and Greenwich Dance Agency, bringing together 50 pupils from Lewisham and Greenwich.

It is a Christmas Youth Dance project in collaboration with Random Dance, involving one week of explosive dance workshops to create two spectacular performances.

The Show integrates live dance action with filmic/ 3D animation and is set to a hardcore score which propels the imagination into a fresh dimension.

Alien universes collide with real physical power to find the lost Light Atlas - the map of real tomorrow.

Hotbox Studios produced animation & visual effects for Light Atlas (In collaboration with Random Dance and Arts Council England), and also worked on pre and post production including: research and development, and post production performance projection.

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