Studio Wayne McGregor Digit01 UK Tour

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Studio Wayne McGregor Digit01 UK Tour

The Digit01 tour begins in Ipswich on 1st March 2007. HotBox Studios collaborated with Random Dance in filming elements of live dance, digitally manipulating the film, and restoring some original film and animation content produced by John-Paul Harney. The content was then edited for projection within the live performances.

Digit01 aims to address the notion of improving visual literacy for young people, giving them the opportunity to engage with the high quality, multi-disciplinary, non-literal approach to dance for which Random has gained an international reputation.

Inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass, Digit01 is dance for the 21st century: an exploration of virtual reality and the web.

Digit01 combines dance, electronic music, film and animation to bring to life concepts of the internet such as e-mail, computer networks and cloning.

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