Bristol 2015 European Green Capital is now using our PAAM Web Application

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bristol 2015 European Green Capital photo and logo

Bristol is the first UK city to win the European Green Capital award. The award recognises Bristol's environmental performance including achieving high environmental standards; having ambitious goals for sustainable development; acting as a role model to inspire other cities. The European Green Capital is run by The European Commission that recognises that Europe's urban societies face many environmental challenges and that sustainable, low-carbon living is vital to the future of our cities and our people.

Throughout 2015 Bristol will be working to inspire, educate and entertain in an effort to discover new and unique ways of improving quality of life in Bristol and showing how sustainable living can improve people's lives. There are already a wealth of events planned for 2015 to get Bristolian citizens and communities involved and more in the pipeline!

We've created a highly tailored version of PAAM for Bristol 2015 European Green Capital to help the team simplify their volunteer recruitment and management process. The Bristol 2015 European Green Capital PAAM software app includes:

  • 2 types of event models: single and ongoing events. Ongoing events run throughout the year.
  • Event shifts and recurring event shifts.
  • The ability for volunteers to assign themselves shifts for ongoing events once accepted into a group.
  • The ability for administrators to offer shifts to volunteers for ongoing events, volunteers can accept or reject them.
  • The ability for administrators to set shifts for volunteers for single events.
  • Mandatory manual approval for volunteers.
  • Global roles that can be carried through to the application process.
  • Shift check-in and check-out for administrators and volunteers.
  • Shift hours worked supervisor and administrator confirmations.
  • Volunteer expenses requests with file upload for receipts and administrator accept or reject.
  • Test message integration using Text Marketer.
  • Customisable email templates.
  • Consolidated email messaging.
  • Simplified event volunteer processing.
  • Fast one-click event staff database searches.
  • Easy uploading of event information.
  • Event planning including system exports.
  • A cloud based staff recruitment and management system.
  • Volunteer performance tracking.

Plus much more!

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